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Companies and partnerships are flexible vehicles that can be used and integrated into a wide variety of asset management and asset protection structures and tax planning structures.

They are sometimes used on their own but more commonly used together with other vehicles. The combination with a trust, for example, often provides more effective protection as well as greater flexibility.

Many jurisdictions are introducing new legislation designed for international business needs and the types and nature of companies and partnerships available in those jurisdictions should be considered as well as other matters such as infrastructure and stability. With offices in many of the jurisdictions featuring specialised company and partnership laws, we are well placed to meet most client requirements.

We provide a comprehensive range of corporate and partnership services and are able to assist with all matters relating to the establishment, administration and management of companies and partnerships in all the major jurisdictions.

As we are completely independent and we are not tied to any other service provider, we are able to offer our clients unfettered choice in selecting third party providers and working with other professional advisers.

We aim to offer the highest level of personal service as our culture is all about building long term relationships. Many of our clients have been with us, not just for years, but for generations.

Our Specialists

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