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Switzerland is one of the world’s leading financial centres for international banking and asset management. Some of the world’s largest international and private banks have their headquarters in Zurich and Geneva. Many internal financial services firms have chosen to locate in Zurich or Geneva to take advantage of the country’s economic and political stability, the availability of professional firms and qualified staff to support their businesses, and the favourable tax rates.


Rawlinson & Hunter Switzerland comprises our Zurich and Geneva offices. From Switzerland, we provide a comprehensive range of trustee, corporate administration, accounting, audit and assurance, and tax services to individuals, privately held structures and corporates alike.


Client confidentiality is at the heart of our Swiss operations: all of our client work is undertaken in Switzerland and all records are retained here.


We manage a discrete number of structures with total assets in excess of USD 10 billion. In addition to financial assets, we have extensive experience in dealing with complex assets such as family businesses, art, commercial and residential real estate. We have a significant level of professional indemnity insurance, which provides assurance to those who trust us to deal with significant assets on a daily basis.


All shareholders are fully active in the business. The absence of external shareholders, such as private equity investors, guarantees our independence and allows us to offer the most suitable solution to our clients, with no bias or preference to any one structure or jurisdiction. We do not provide investment advisory or management services, delegating this responsibility instead to a select range of investment specialists. This ensures that the management of trust assets can be monitored thoroughly and independently.


Our team based in Switzerland is highly qualified, encompassing qualified and practicing lawyers, chartered accountants and registered auditors, many also holding the relevant STEP qualifications. We are supported by a team of experienced professionals within the other international R&H offices. Our rigorous in-house policies ensure that all matters are conducted in full compliance with national and international laws and regulations.


Senior members of our Swiss team sit on various industry leading bodies.

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